EPSY Ombudsperson

Department Contact: 

Laura M. Stough, Ph.D
Associate Professor
Department of Educational Psychology
Center on Disability and Development
Texas A&M University
Mail Stop 4225
College Station, TX  77843

What is the Role of the Ombudsperson?

Dr. Laura Stough serves as Ombudsperson for the students, staff, and faculty in the Department of Educational Psychology. The role of the Ombudsperson is to:

Assist members of the departmental community in solving problems and conflicts;
Serve as a neutral listener, information resource, and advisor;
Explain established policies and procedures of the department, college, and university, including the formal grievance process;
Develop options for addressing concerns and assisting in finding a solution;
Advise the Department Head on systemic problems occurring within the department.
It is the role of the Ombudsperson to provide information and guide individuals in seeking resolution to problems occurring within the Department of Educational Psychology. The Ombudsperson holds all communications with those seeking assistance in strict confidence and does not disclose information communications unless given permission to do so. The Ombudsperson reports to the Department Head but does not disclose any information that might breach confidentiality, nor does she keep records of grievances brought to her office. The only exceptions to this privilege of confidentiality are where required by law, when there is an allegation related to racial discrimination and sexual harassment, or in the case that there appears to be imminent risk of harm. It should be noted that the Ombudsperson does not function as an “advocate” or for any individual student, staff, or faculty member and will not participate in any formal grievance process.

What are appropriate issues for the Ombudsperson?

You have an issue or a concern you and others cannot resolve, or you would prefer not to address through formal channels.
You have a matter to explore “off the record”, or those for which you need informal consultation.
You have a problem, and are unsure with whom to speak or what options are available to address it.
You feel that a departmental policy, procedure, or regulation has been applied unfairly, or is itself unfair or ambiguous.
To contact the Ombudsperson:

Email her at lstough@tamu.edu or by phone at 979-845-8257. Appointments will be held with those seeking Ombudsperson support within 24 hours.

In addition:

The Office of Graduate Studies also has an Ombudsperson for graduate students. For more information, refer to http://ogs.tamu.edu/current-students/ombudsperson

The Office of the Provost has an Ombudsperson for undergraduate students. For more information, refer to http://us.tamu.edu/Students/Academic-Procedures/Ombuds-Services

The Dean of Faculties Office also has an Ombudsperson for faculty. For more information, refer to http://provost.tamu.edu/about-the-provost/faculty-ombuds-folder/faculty-...

Staff members can contact the Office of Human Resources concerning work-related issues at http://employees.tamu.edu/employees/WorkLife/relations/default.aspx