Historical Narrative

CEHD Ombuds Historic Narrative

Summary of Ombuds Activities to date

Below is a timeline of the CEHD Ombuds Program from 2012 to present.

Ongoing - The College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) is committed to the continuous improvement of its climate.

Fall 2012 – CEHD Aspirant Characteristics and Values created with faculty, staff, and administrator input.

Fall 2012 - common understanding inconsistencies in espoused and practice CEHD Ombuds services and support

September 2013 - each department’s faculty ombuds was invited to a two-hour meeting with Drs. Watson and Cunningham

The Department Heads identified the following ombudspeople: (1) EAHR – Dr. Yvonna Lincoln, (2) EPSY – Dr. Laura Stough, (3) HLKN – Dr. Tim Lightfoot, and (4) TLAC – Dr. Cathy Loving.
Attendees included: Drs. Loving, Stough, and Goodson (former graduate students Ombudsperson).Outcome: there were very different understandings of the role of the faculty ombudsperson

October 2013 - all elected SAC representatives serve as ombudspersons

voted on by CEHD Staff and incorporated into SAC bylaws
SAC officers met with Dr. Watson to discuss their role as ombudspersons for staff. Effective communication and conflict management were discussed.
December 2013 - CEHD Committee on Diversity Initiatives Subcommittee on Education and Trust Building: (1) created/found definitions that pertain to climate, (2) identified some espoused CEHD practices to address climate, and (3) created a draft flow chart to inform CEHD constituents on multi-layer climate supports. The flow chart included the recommendation for Ombuds support for our College community

January 2014 - CEHD Climate White Paper (1.28.2014)

The purpose of the CEHD Climate White Paper is to: (1) provide awareness of supports (including Ombuds support) available to our College constituents to address climate within the College; (2) educate the College community on structures and mechanisms available to address climate; and (3) organize informal and formal supports in a systematic and user-friendly way to be shared and distributed throughout the College community.
January 2014 -steps were recommended to clarify role of the CEHD Ombudsperson and program:

Departments identify the Faculty Ombudsperson who will be able to participate in the clarification of roles process and function as an ombudsperson
Complete the Climate Issues White Paper – passed by Deans Council March 18, 2014
This document and the equity white paper will help determine the ombuds role
Schedule a meeting with all ombudspersons in CEHD (meeting Chairs: Drs. Watson and Cunningham)
List of identified ombudspersons: Dr. Alfred (faculty), Dr. Carr (staff), and Dr. Cunningham (students) Faculty: Lightfoot, Lincoln, Loving, Stough; Staff: SAC- Jessica Alvarado, Tracy Eppers, Michelle Wiederhold, Christy Porter (EPSY), Kathy Durkin (HLKN ), Charles Otto (TLAC), David Castillo (DEAN), Becky Kubena (EAHR), Jesus Palomo (At-Large Staff), Graduate Student –  OGAPS and Undergraduate students – none.
March 2014 - meeting with all CEHD ombudspersons

Attendees: Nancy Watson, Nancy Hutchins, Kathy Durkin, Christy Porter, Jessica Alvarado, Mary Alfred, Jesus Palomo, Becky Kubena, George Cunningham, Laura Stough, Tracy Eppers, Michelle Weiderhold, Janet Hammer, Yvonna Lincoln, Becky Carr (nancy h, check list and alpha)
Outcomes and Recommendations:
CEHD persons providing ombuds support will be referred to as ombudspersons.
Drs. Alfred, Cunningham and Carr will no longer provide ombuds support due to conflicts in their formal roles as Deans with supervisory responsibilities or formal decisionmaking responsibilities related to faculty, staff, and student.
Related to Outcome #2, there will no longer be a distinction between formal and informal ombuds support. All ombuds will be considered formal ombudspersons.
Roles and responsibilities of ombudspersons include listening to conflict, offering guidance, providing resources, gathering additional information.
Gaps were identified in ombuds services
Next steps: form an ad hoc committee to create a white paper on ombuds services; Committee members: Jessica Alvarado, Kathy Durkin, Tracy Eppers, Nancy Hutchins, Christy Porter, Laura Stough, and Nancy Watson
April-June 2014  - adhoc Ombuds committee met and created Ombuds White Paper

July 2014 ­- document shared in Deans Council. Revisions suggested. ODDI made decision to create: (1) Ombuds Services White Paper - explanation of CEHD Ombuds Services and (2) Ombuds Program Information document

July 2014 - Ombuds Services White Paper and Ombuds Program Information (OPI) Document sent to Deans Council members for review and comment

August 2014 - Ombuds Services White Paper and Ombuds Program Information will be presented in Deans Council.

Fall 2014 - goal is to have Ombuds White Paper and OPI Document on CEHD website and information communicated to the College community.